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Ted & Co. has been selling new development projects since 1997 and we have worked with the region’s top developers such as Marous Development Co at Battery Park, Krill Construction, Payne & Payne, Knez Homes, My Place Homes, JROC and Brickhaus Partners.


Our experience allows us to provide an unmatched advantage by providing insightful, and results-oriented, step-by-step guidance and support from site acquisition to final sellout for projects of all sizes and price points.

Eleven Scranton 

Tremont | Cleveland

10 Units 

From $290k-$550k

Architect | Horton Harper

Builder | Knez Homes

Developer | Gustave Development

Sales Volume = $4.3M


Ted & Co. 

New Development Project Portfolio

Cyan Park

Detroit Shoreway | Cleveland

21 Units 

From $339k-$550k

Architect | Works Progress Architecture 

Builder Rycon Construction Inc.

Developer J Roc Development

Sales Volume = $9.5M

College Club

Cleveland Heights | Cleveland

21 Units 

From $290k-$550k

Architec | Works Progress Architecture 

Builder | Rycon Construction Inc.

Developer | XYZ 

Sales Volume = $9.4M

The Vine

Ohio City Hingetown District 

9 Units 

From $489-$913k

Architect | LDA Architects

Builder Pride One Construction

Developer My Place Homes

Sales Volume = $5.5M

Battery Park Lakeside

Detroit Shoreway | Cleveland

20 Units 

From $440-$597k

Architect | XXX

Builder Marous Construction

Developer Vintage Development Group

Sales Volume = $9M

One Seventeen

W. 117 & Lake Ave. | Cleveland

11 Units 

From $469-$480k

Architect | Dimit Architects LLC

Builder XXX

Developer Brickhaus Partners

Sales Volume = $5.6M

6th & Jefferson

Tremont | Cleveland

3 Units 

From $XXX

Architect | Horton Harper 

Builder XXX

Developer Sustainable Construction Services

Sales Volume = $1.5M

Steeple Row

Detroit Shoreway | Cleveland

3 Units 

From $489-$913k

Builder Affinity Design & Construction

Developer Payne & Payne Builders

Sales Volume = $1.2M

Park Place Townhomes
at Battery  Park

Gordon Square | Cleveland

25 Units 

From $433-$514k

ArchitectPayto Architects

Developer Vintage Development Group

Sales Volume = $12.5M

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